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Australian Rowing History

2006 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Men's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Scotch College - Bow: James Sparkman, 2: Thomas Simpson, 3: Tom Sutterby, Str: Joshua Booth, Cox: Jack Bull, Cch: Simon Morrison

2nd Scotch Oakburn College - Bow: George Foot, 2: Samuel Laycock, 3: Thomas Woodland, Str: Angus Peltzer, Cox: Alice Tremayne, Cch: Ken Davey

3rd Canberra Grammar School - Bow: Robert Mardus, 2: Sam Lawrence, 3: Anthony Tridgell, Str: Mark Tamsitt, Cox: Robert Winkworth, Cch: Jason Cain

4th Canberra Grammar School - Bow: Patrick Miller, 2: Tom Miller, 3: Peter McColl, Str: Nicholas Barnier, Cox: Hugo Ford, Cch: Jason Cain

5th North Esk/Bunbury/St Patricks - Bow: James Clarke [BRC], 2: David Prosser [BRC], 3: Zac James [NESK], Str: Shaun Lack [NESK], Cox: David Lack [STPAT], Cch: Barry Townsend, Jamie Jones

6th The Cathedral School - Bow: Ben Armstrong, 2: Shannon Willis, 3: Jon Entriken, Str: Kristoffer Vucak, Cox: Phil-Anthony Patane, Cch: Chic Graham


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