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History of Tamar Rowing Club

Bourke Cup

In 1888 Mr. Thomas Bourke presented a cup to b given to the winner of a four oared race for schoolboys. The management of the race was entrusted to the Tamar Rowing Club. 

The race was originally rowed annually in Launceston and has been productive of some fine contests, and has been the means of introducing many fine oarsmen to the sport of rowing including Percy and Frank Beauchamp and Harrison Bourke who represented Tasmania, and later rowed in England for the London Rowing Club. 

The rules of the race has been amended several times over the years, to conform with changes in boats, and in later years has been rowed in alternate years with the Clarke Shield which in conducted in the south of Tasmania. 

Since the growth in popularity of rowing in the schools since the last war, the status of the race has increased, and the winner of this historic trophy is known as the champion Schoolboy four Tasmania. 

Bourke Grand Challenge Cup For Schoolboys 

1.The object of the race will be the encouragement of rowing amongst schoolboys in Tasmania.

2.The race shall be rowed every second year on the Tamar after the Christmas vacation on a date to be fixed by the Tamar Rowing Club.

3.The laws of Boat Racing adopted by the Tasmanian Rowing Council shall be observed.

4.The race shall be open to any bona fide scholar of any recognized school in Tasmania.

5.Any type off our oared boat maybe used in the race.

6.The Principals of the school whose representatives win the race shall hold the cup for the year folJowing that in which the race is rowed and such Principals shall be responsible for the safe custody and good order of the cup while In their keeping and shall return such Cup to the secretary of the Tamar Rowing Club on date to be specified by the committee of that Club.

7. The name of the winning crew each year shall be inscribed on the cup.

8. All arrangements for holding the race, hearing of protests, questions of eligibility, or interpretation of the rules other matters not specifically provided for, shall be the responsibility of the committee of the Tamar Rowing Club.

9. The distance of the race shall be one and one-eighth miles

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