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History of Leichhardt Rowing Club

On these Bright Waters - A Centennial History of Leichhardt Rowing Club 1886-1986
Reproduced with permission of the author Merle Kavanagh

Appendix 1—Some Club Personalities

After 100 years it would be impossible to mention all who have contributed so much to the club. The following are just a few; those omitted and still with us will realise their efforts are part of the club.

David Anderson—Was the most prominent of any club oarsman interstate and internationally. Rowed King's Cup 1950, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57; Olympics 1952, 1956; Henley 1952; New Zealand 1951.

Ron Bath—Won many lightweight champion titles both state and interstate.

Dave Bodell—Club Captain 1981 to 1986. Combined with Tony Potter to keep the club alive and active in those years. Successful oarsman.

Kevin Bond—Captain 1949, 1950, 1951, stroke first interstate lightweight challenge four in Victoria (forerunner to present Penrith Cup). Also in winning lightweight champion eight and lightweight champion four.

Kevin Boyle—State Lightweight four 1959, 1960, won Champion eight 1958, 1959, lightweight champion eight 1958, 1959, lightweight champion four 1959 and 1960.

Pat Burke—Treasurer 1959 to 1961, won three champion eights, two champion fours, won lightweight coxless pair, two lightweight champion fours, represented King's Cup 1958, also lightweight four 1960, 1962.

Ray Bushell—Won many lightweight champion titles both state and interstate.

George Carlson—Rowed in the 1921 winning championship eight, a club secretary in 1918. Was actively associated with coaching at Leichhardt and Sydney, had great success with coaching Homebush High boys, defeating G.P.S. crews. His brother Tom also a senior oarsman with the club.

Bill Carroll—Had many successes in the 30s, winning in the 1936 lightweight champion four, the club's first win in this class.

Jack Coale—Stroke of the club's first champion crew win in the 1914 champion fours, also in the first champion eight win of 1921 and in the No. 2 A.I.F. crew in 1919 at Henley as stroke.

Professor F.S. Cotton—Was Professor of Physiology at Sydney University when he introduced the original "guinea pigs" to the club—John Harrison, John Hurst, John Maxim, David Anderson, Nim Greenwood. This was the start of a new era which saw in the 50s and 60s Leichhardt dominate the club scene with many representatives in state and national crews.

Ralph Currall—Captain 1965, won champion fours 1956, 1959, champion eight 1959, rowed King's Cup 1956, 1959, 1960, winning 1959. Empire Games 1958.

Ted Curtain—Present club Patron involved in the successes of the 50s and 60s. A club as oarsman and coach. An Olympic coach in 1960.

Col and Geoff Davies—Involved with the administration in the early 40s, Col as captain and Geoff as secretary, both were active oarsmen and helped to keep the club alive during the war years, with Geoff Reid mainly responsible for erection of new clubhouse in 1940. Col was a successful coach at Shore while Geoff was treasurer of the Rowing Assn. 1947-1954.

Bruce Dickson—Won champion fours 1965, rowed King's Cup 1963 to 1966, winning in 1965. Also to New Zealand 1965 and World Championships 1966.

Peter Dickson—King's Cup 1964 to 1968, winning in 1965, 1967 and 1968. Won Silver Medal at Mexico Olympics.

Derek Docherty—Club secretary 1959-1963, treasurer 1956-1958, club president 1959. A successful lightweight champion oarsman, a prominent club administrator and state representative; a life member.

Dowling, Phil Snr., Phil, Ossie, Alan.—Phil Snr. sold programmes at the first club regatta and retained his interest in the club. Phil and Ossie were in also in the 1926 winning champion eight, Ossie also in the winning champion four of 1927. Phil Jnr. state representative state representative in 1926 and 1928.

Peter Evatt —Son of Dr. Evatt, a club captain, a dominant figure in the 5Os as a sculler, oarsman and coach on club, state and national levels.

Dr. H.V. Evatt—Father of Peter, was a Chief Justice of N.S.W. and a prominent politician. As Patron of the club from 1953-1965, he showed a continued interest in the club's activities.

Merv Finlay—King's Cup of 1950, 1951, 1952. Henley 1951, Olympics 1952, New Zealand 1951, club captain 1952, a prominent barrister, now elevated to the judiciary.

Alan Flint—Has had a record 13 terms as treasurer, very involved in financeraising projects for the club.

Bert Harding—Successful lightweight champion oarsman and coach. As a coach had six lightweight champion eights, d lightweight champion fours wins, 5 lightweight pairs. Also the 1956-57 lightweight champion eight of Victoria, a state coach for some years. Later went to Haberfield where he again coached many senior and champion lightweight crews.

John Harrison—One of the original "guinea pig" crew, rowed in the 1950 Olympics. With Professor Cotton and Ted Curtain responsible for the design and making of club's ergometers. Was also Australian beach sprint champion.

Ray Harwood—Captain 1971 to 1979. With Ross Ullo combined to keep the club active on the water and in the clubhouse; both Life Members. Together won the lightweight champion pair in 1979, the club's first men's championship since 1966.

Harry Hauenstein—State representative 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911 winning in 1908, 1910, 1911. Rowed at Henley on Thames 1912, also Olympic crew same year. Was in A.I.F. crew in 1919 with Tom McGill, winning the King's Cup.

Jimmy Hayes—Life member, ex-President of the N.S.W. Union of Old Oarsmen, has always been a valued member of the club, helping with catering at reunions.

J.W. Hence—Chairman of N.S.W. Rowing Assn. in 1919-1920, 1920-1921, club's senior coach for many years, coached the club's first champion eight to win in 1921, coached the lightweight champion eight in 1923 in the inaugural race.

John Henderson—Won many lightweight champion titles both state and interstate.

Bill Hibble—A club cox in 1907. Later a senior oarsman, in 1985, aged 84, he would have had the longest association of any member with the club.

John Hudson—Captain 1964, Olympic Games 1960, King's Cup 1959, 1960, 1963, 1964, winning in 1959.

Chic Hurley—With brother-in-law George Wallis in the winning champion of 1926 and the champion four of 1927, also in King's Cup crews of that eight period.

Jack Hurley—Rowed in the 20s, was a club president, a boat race official and an organiser of the combined High Schools rowing.

Steve Jacques—Club secretary 1971-1974, also 1981 and 1982. A successful club oarsman, still actively interested in club affairs.

Stan Jones—Joined the club in 1925, senior oarsman in the 30s. A president, secretary, treasurer and with Neil McCallum has kept the interest of old members in the club since 1946. Past president of NSW Old Oarsmen. Present Patron NSW Union of Old Oarsmen.

Chris Kayser—Between 1913 and 1936 was club captain on 10 occasions and president 1949-1954. He was a club coach and coached St. Ignatius and Scots in the G.P.S. A long serving boat race official. Alan and Milton, his sons, were coxswains and successful oarsmen, Alan winning in the lightweight champion eight of 1943 and lightweight champion four of 1949.

Ernie Keary—A state coach who was a well known Sydney Rowing Club coach. Came to Leichhardt in 1925 and coached the champion eight which was the only crew to beat Mosman over many years. Also coached the champion four in 1927 which also defeated Mosman.

Ted Kenny—Club secretary and treasurer in the early 1900s, went to Victoria and was secretary of the Australian Rowing Council for many years. His brother Arthur Kenny rowed in the club's first champion four to win in 1914 and was later killed at Gallipoli.

W. Lambert —Won Leichhardt's first state title, the sculls in 1895, also 1396 and 1900. State sculling representative 1892-1895. A club treasurer 1893, 1894, 1895, club president 1933, an alderman and Mayor of Leichhardt Council.

Jack Lewis—Stroke of the 1926 champion eight, also winning stroke of the 1921 crew, in state crews 1921 and 1923, also involved in club coaching.

Mick Lowrey—Has been a mainstay in the last two decades, coaching men and girls. At present coaching Sydney High girls. King's Cup in 1962.

Glen, Clanen and Charlie Marr—Rowed in the late 30s and 40s. Glen and Clanen were P.O.W.s, in Singapore. Charlie was also in the forces and he was treasurer 1940, 1941, 1942.

Barry Moynahan—President on 7 occasions, secretary 1965-1970, a senior oarsman, club selector and coach. In the last decade has been the club's contact with council and government departments.

Neil McCallum—Was a coxswain at Haberfield, came to Leichhardt as an oarsman in 1936, had success as an oarsman and coach. Captain in 1942, 1948 and 1949. Club president 1982-1984. A president of the NSW Old Oarsmen, present president of the Leichhardt Old Oarsmen and a prominent boat race official for many years.

Doug and Pat McCray—Both rowed in the lightweight champion eight of 1948 and the interstate challenge four held in Victoria that year.

Tom McGill—Was commissioned in World War 1, was in the 3 seat of the victorious A.I.F. crew that won the King's Cup in 1919 at Henley on Thames. He also represented the state in 1920, 1921, 1922. He won the state champion eight in 1921. lie was also president of the NSW Old Oarsmen and Leichhardt Old Oarsmen.

Sam Mackenzie—A state coach and rowing representative, a winning Australian sculler in 1956, 1957; represented at the 1956, 1960 Olympics, Jew Zealand 1957, winning the Diamond Sculls Henley 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, Europe 1957, 1959, Empire 1958. Came to Leichhardt straight after leaving Kings School.

Max McLennan—A background worker for the club, a committeeman and assistant treasurer for many years, a lightweight champion oarsman, was responsible for preserving many of the club records.

Len MacPherson—Successful Cox and oarsman, had outstanding results coaching school girls from Malvina and Riverside schools. Was a club president and treasurer.

Bill, Fred, Leo and Bede Newton—Rowed in the 20s. Leo was an Alderman of Leichhardt Council for many years.

Bill Packer—Stroke of the winning 1923 lightweight champion eight of NSW The first event of this class, club secretary 1923, still a strong supporter now at the age of 92.

W.T. (Plum) Parker—Coxswain King's Cup 1921, winning state champion eight 1921 and 1926, was associated with many club senior and junior winning crews of that period.

Tony Potter—Successful oarsman, club secretary 1983 to 1986, combined with Dave Bodell to keep the club alive and active in the 80s.

Allan Ramsay—Captain from 1907-1911, state coach 1909, coached at Shore. Was senior club coach and administrator for many years.

Geoff Reid—Had a long association with the club as an oarsman and coach, was a club president, captain, secretary and treasurer, a very active organiser and during the war years worked hard to keep the club going.

Lionel Robberds—Would be the club's most successful coxswain, steering 21 championship crews to wins, represented on state and national levels. He was also state squash champion and state representative. Was club captain in 1963. Now a well known Q.C. and barrister.

Lance Robinson—After transferring to Haberfield, in 1936 where he had many successes, returned to coach at Leichhardt from 1949-1955 and in association with Professor Cotton as co-coach and Lionel Robberds as Cox, had outstanding results with championship crews.

Steve Roll—Won 22 state championship events, won the champion sculls and champion eight at the one regatta, only happening once before. Was Captain and secretary. Afterwards went to Haberfield as secretary/manager where he also continued to scull, winning many more races.

Bert, Carl and Eric Schweikert—Had many successes as oarsmen in senior and junior events. Also Bert and Eric were successful junior and maiden coaches. Eric's son, Vic, won champion eights and fours, was in the King's Cup 1957 - 1959, 1960, at Empire Games in 1958. Vic's son was a member of the Shore crew who won the 1985 Head of the River and also the Australian Schoolboys championship.

John Steedman—A lightweight champion oarsman, treasurer 1965, secretary 1964 and 1966, a life member.

Bob Stone—Club president in the centenary year. Had many successes as an oarsman in the 50s and 60s. Won 3 champion eights, 7 lightweight champion eights, 3 lightweight champion fours. Coached at Sydney winning many races. Came back to Leichhardt in the 80s to help the club with coaching. A wonderful example of club loyalty.

Ross Ullo—Combined with Ray Harwood to keep the in the clubhouse; both life members. Together pair in 1979, the club's first men's championship club active on the water and won the lightweight champion since 1966.

George Wallis—In winning champion eight of 1926 and champion four of 1927, also in King's Cup crews of that period; brother-in-law to Chic Hurley.

Brian and Dave Ward—Dave was secretary 1948, won lightweight champion eight in 1948, also lightweioht champion four in 1949. Brian won champion eight in 1950. Both involved with club affairs on administrative and social sides.

Jack Watson—A lightweight sculler and oarsman of the 20s. With Bert Westlake responsible for the fleet's maintenance in those years. In recent years has reframed many of the old photos in the clubhouse.

Ern and Bernie Williams—Prominent members prior to the 20s. Ern was club captain 1912 and 1913 and a life member, both in administration and coaching. Were both foundation members of Haberfield Rowing Club, were coaches, and Bernie had great success with early Haberfield crews in junior, senior and championship ranks.

Geoff Williamson—Rowed King's Cup 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, Olympics 1952, 1956, Empire Games pair oar and four winning crews. Won state eights 1950, 1953, 1954, fours 1955. Finished his Police career as a senior inspector.

Vic Williamson—Club president in 1980, 1981, daughter Karen a champion oarswoman with the club. Vic an active member of the parents social group, also a worker in club maintenance.

O.J. Wood—Secretary in 1914, 1915, 1916, steered the 2nd A.I.F. Crew in 1919, which was stroked by Jack Cogle, went to Balmain then Mosman and at Mosman had great success with state champion eights and fours in the 20s and 30s. Winning King's Cup coach.

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