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History of Fremantle Rowing Club 1887-1987

By Ralph Jeffreys

14. East Fremantle Town Council

This record of the first one hundred years of Fremantle Rowing Club should not be closed without acknowledgment of its allegiance to the Town of East Fremantle, and the support of its Mayor, Councillors and Town Clerk.

Originally the main supporter of the project to form a rowing club was the Fremantle Town Council as the project offered sporting and social activities at a time when there were very few bodies that were capable of such organisation. The river was the playground in the early years of the colony and balls organised by the Fremantle Town Council in connection with the opening of the Town Hall in 1887 were carried on annually by the Rowing Club, and the Annual Regatta Day became really a Fremantle Day.

The East Fremantle Town Council was not formed until 1897 and it is of interest to note that on the original site plan of the Fremantle Rowing Club is the heading "East Fremantle" which possibly indicated an East Ward of Fremantle although some records refer to "North Fremantle".

However the move to Preston Point in 1962 brought the Club into the Town of East Fremantle. The establishment of the site and its development has always had the sympathy and support of the local Council and much thought has been given over the years leading up to the centenary of the Club as to its name, as it had now joined with the other sporting bodies of East Fremantle.

As the building extensions near completion the Club Committee is anxious to acknowledge it's East Frernantle home.

The later years will record change if any but there is no doubt that the Fremantle Rowing Club operates from this East Fremantle Rowing Complex and its postal address is East Fremantle.

It is significant that the Swan River Rowing Club now operates on the Canning River and Maylands Rowing Club which became Perth Rowing Club on its move to Perth is now Perth and Collegians Rowing Club operating from Melville.

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