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Ballarat City Rowing Club History

The Boys from the Rush Beds

The History of the Ballarat City Rowing Club 1870-2004 and Incorporating the Early Development of Lake Wendouree 1860-70, By Kathryn M Elliott

Introduction & Acknowledgements


The Cover of The Boys from the Rush Beds

The cover is from an original oil painting by Alan Dixon 2003

370 pages covering the beginning of rowing in Ballarat, the transformation of Yuille’s Swamp to an ornamental lake and outlining every season’s of the club’s activities from 1870 to the present day. The book includes many photographs and rare lithographs never before published. It contains a list of every win the club has ever had as well as a complete list of officers of the club for 134 years. There are also several short biographies of significant members of the club throughout the years. The book has been published as a limited print run of 200 copies by the author and is available to purchase from the author or contact the club.

Cost: Standard black and white edition $40
Plus postage(within Australia) and handling $10

Orders can be placed by mail. It would be appreciated if payment could be made at the time of ordering. Cheque or postal order preferred.

Orders to: Kate Elliott, 655 Finchs Road, Smythes Creek, Vic. Australia,3351.
Phone: 53424252 OR copies available from the Ballarat City Rowing Club, Wendouree Parade, Ballarat.

© Kate Elliott 2004. All rights reserved. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of provate study, research, criticism or review as permitted by the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by ant means electrical, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the written consent of the author.

Text and design: Kate Elliott

Editing and formatting: Kate Elliott, Maree Corbett and Bernie Wise

First published 2004.


This book is dedicated with love to my husband Danny Elliott and my son Rory Elliott both of whom made their unique contributions to inspiring and supporting me to achieve my goal and write this book.

Kate Elliott


Maree Corbett - for dedicated research above and beyond the call of duty and sharing the excitement of all the discoveries, big and small, along the way.

Bernie Wise - for editing, encouragement and afternoon tea at the Windsor.

Dr. Belinda Bilney and Tim Wise - for finishing the wins list from 1973 - 2003 and providing computer and research assistance.

Andrew Wise, Alphaville Web Design - for saving the day! And digital photography and scanning of Ballarat Historical Society photographs.

To all my family, my husband Danny, my son Rory and all my brothers and sisters for their interest, support and encouragement.

Allan Dixon - for the cover painting, his extensive clipping file of the 1960's and for sharing the love of rowing and commitment to the club.

Barry Wise - for proof reading & finding the Rayworths.

Dennis Spielvogel, Marilyn Gordon - for computer advice and publishing hints.
The State Library of Victoria for kindly waiving the reproduction fees for the four lithographs that are printed in the book.

The Ballarat Fine Art Gallery - for kindly waiving the reproduction fees on the Cogne and the Niven lithographs that are reproduced in the book.

The Courier, Ballarat, for so willingly granting permission to reproduce articles and photographs relating to the club.

For photographs, information,interviews and their time and interest - Sister Hillary (Margaret Blaikie), Junella McPhail, Melva Roper, Fred Shade, Anne Dogget, Sue Heywood, Phil Lloyd, Graeme Stephenson, Eric Courser, Jim Taylor, Colin Angow, Max & Joyce Rayworth, Edgar Dorrington, Pam Schaeffer, Chris Gill, Frank Beattie, Kit Quick, Malcolm Matthews, Albert Harden, Laurie Sedgwick, Jan Sadler, Graeme Carthew, Albie McGuire, Noel Edwards, Bob Lawrie, Cliff McCahon, Phillip Findlay, Allan Ehms, Rick Cazaly, Audrey Schoobridge, Mike Shutko(America), Jan Falla, John Vernon, Guy Hebblewhite - Hebfotos (South Australia.)
Ian Atkins - City of Ballarat Archives
Roger Trudgeon and Luke Flanagan - Ballarat Gold Musuem
The Old Colonists Club
Rosemary McInerney - Ballarat Mechanic's Institute
Anne Rowland - Ballarat Fine Art Gallery
Simon Jacks and Edith Fry - Research Room, Ballarat Municipal Library

All illustrations and photographs are from the collection held by the Ballarat City Rowing Club or are from the author's personal collection unless otherwise acknowledged.

There is no separate list of illustrations as the source and acknowledgment of each picture is included with each illustration.

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