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Australian Rowing History


This section on Australians racing in world professional sculling championships is short and intended to be a record of racing together with some limited information to enable readers to gain a brief understanding of this great sport.

1907 poster

British professional sculling championships date back to 1831. However the authors have taken the 1863 challenge of the British champion Robert Chambers by the Australian Richard Green as the starting point of the World Professional Championship as it was the first international sculling championship.

The golden years of world professional sculling occurred before World War I. Some of the earliest races listed in this section could probably be best described as English Championships and some of the latter races are of insufficient standing to warrant comparison with the earlier races.

The Australian Professional Sculling Championship has a history about as long as that of the English Championship with a vigorous competition in Australia which produced the first international professional sculling race: the 1863 challenge to the English title by the Australian Champion Dick Green. The history of the Australian Professional Sculling Championship, however, is not covered in this section.

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