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australian rowers profiles and history

John I Buchan


Sadly little is known about John Buchan other than for two important pieces of information.

He was a Vice-President of the Victorian Rowing Association from 1910 to 1923 and so an important member of the Victorian rowing community. He does not appear to have been an oarsman of any pedigree as there are no race wins recorded in his name prior to 1919.

John Buchan was also the donor of the three Buchan Cups for maiden eights at the Melbourne Regatta from 1889 to 1914. These substantial cups were won in perpetuity by the Club who won them three times. The first two cups were won by the Albert Park Rowing Club and the third by Banks Rowing Club. The second cup is held by Rowing Victoria as a perpetual trophy for one of it's State Championships.

Andrew Guerin
December 2022

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