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Australian Rowing History

1997 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Women's Coxless Four

Final A









Final A

1st MUBC/Sydney/Nepean - Bow: Sarah Chibnall, 2: Kath Burke, 3: Jodi Winter, Str: Kristina Larsen, Cch: Paul Thompson, Peter Somerville, Harald Jahrling

2nd Adelaide/Torrens - Bow: Amy Safe, 2: Johanna Lips, 3: Kerryn Hill, Str: Emily Haynes, Cch: Uwe Bender

3rd Canberra/Power House - Bow: Erica Neil, 2: Elizabeth Carson, 3: Angela Heitman, Str: Sarah Lachal, Cch: Nick Hunter, Rob Dallimore, Mark Baxter

4th QUBC/Commercial - Bow: Emma Brown, 2: Nadia Vedelago, 3: Sarah Guilfoyle, Str: Samara Martin, Cch: Anthony Patterson, Robin Fay

5th Yarra Yarra/Banks - Bow: Mattie Clements, 2: Bonnie Lake, 3: Sarah Billens, Str: Jenny McPherson

6th Corio Bay - Bow: Kellie Margerison, 2: Megan Voice, 3: Brooke Penning, Str: Rebecca O’Loughlin

7th Wendouree/Yarra Yarra/Melbourne - Bow: Stephanie Fast, 2: Emily Martin, 3: Amy Pearce, Str: Hilary Poole, Cch: Andrew O’Brien, John Downie

8th Yarra Yarra - Bow: Rachel Constantopolous, 2: Amber Paterson, 3: Belinda Gibson, Str: Nina Brandt, Cch: Robin Jones


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