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Australian Rowing History

2023 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Double Scull







1st ANU/Griffith Uni Surfers Paradise – Bow: C Kennedy-Leverett, 2: C Antill, Cchs: D McLachlan, D Fraumano

2nd Melbourne University/Adelaide – Bow: O McGuinness, 2: B Canham

3rd Adelaide Uni/UTS Haberfield– Bow: M Della Marta, 2: N Blackman, Cchs: E Shackcloth-Bertinetti, N Mitchell

4th Sydney University/Haberfield– Bow: T Masters, 2: C Watts, Cchs: D McLachlan, T McLaren

5th Banks – Bow: M Cain, 2: J Meads, Cch: B Scott

Scratched WARC/Swan River– Bow: S Marsh, 2: J Cleary


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