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Australian Rowing History

2019 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Coxed Quadruple Scull

Final A









Final A

1st Sydney Composite - Bow: Amelia Cooper [STCAT], 2: Lily Eales [LOR-K], 3: Sarah Abrams [HVGS], Str: Lily Gavan [SRC], Cox: Grace Harris [LOR-K], Coaches: Brendan Longman, Michael Bernerius, Tom Herborn

2nd Canberra Girls Grammar - Bow: Neve James, 2: Madeline McGinness, 3: Georgina Wallace, Str: Jenna Oerder, Cox: Andrea Newham, Coaches: Caroline Pijpers, Jodie Groothoff

3rd Rockhampton Grammar/Uni Queen.. - Bow: Caitlin Lythall [UQBC], 2: Georgia Weston [UQBC], 3: Sophia Wightman [UQBC], Str: Laura Sypher [ROCKG], Cox: Priscilla Russell [UQBC], Coaches: Robin Fay, Ben Spits, Richard Powell

4th University Queensland/Toowong - Bow: Tylah Hutton, 2: Michelle Clewley, 3: Ellyn Hill, Str: Nancy Duncan-Banks, Cox: Sadie Ridgway, Coaches: Ben Spits, Richard Powell

5th Centenary - Bow: Sophie Malcolm, 2: Rebecca More O'Ferrall, 3: Julia Cornish, Str: Jessica Malcolm, Cox: Jemma Thomson, Coaches: Michael Opstelten, Peter Wadsworth

6th Queenwood - Bow: Sophie Nell, 2: Chelsea Proutt, 3: Ava Mcclean, Str: Beth McLellan, Cox: Miranda Osborne, Coaches: Ray Boyle, Max Stanistreet, Charly-Rose Iron

7th Melbourne Girls Grammar - Bow: Lily Hockings, 2: Felicity Smith, 3: Elsa Ajani, Str: Phoebe Faulks, Cox: Pippa Woods, 

8th Redlands - Bow: Emily Pashley, 2: Kristin Walker, 3: Emily Barrelle, Str: Elizabeth Holtheuer, Cox: Ema Yasumura, Coaches: Rosie Moss, Ina Marshall-Davies, James Petering


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