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Australian Rowing History

2019 National Rowing Championships–
Open Lightweight Men's Coxed Eight

Final A





Final A

1st Uts Composite-Acthp - Bow: William Clark [ANU], 2: Thomas Perry [CANB], 3: Nathan Kennedy [ANU], 4: Hamish Harding [ANU], 5: Michael McCrea [UTS], 6: Peter Waldersee [UTS], 7: James Waldersee [UTS], Str: Jack Message [UTS], Cox: Renae Domaschenz [ANU], Coaches: Alex Field, Nick Garratt

2nd Swan River Composite-Tis/Nswis - Bow: James Crouch [BANKS], 2: Sean Murphy [MOSM], 3: Michael Orton [SRRC], 4: Patrick Boere [SRRC], 5: Rohan James [SRRC], 6: Ethan Aird [UWABC], 7: Connor Ryan [NESK], Str: William Williamson [SRRC], Cox: William Raven [SUBC], Coaches: Mark Beer, William Raven, Trevor Barrett

3rd Toowong Composite-Qas/Tis - Bow: Mathew Ready [TOOW], 2: Christian Place [TOOW], 3: Robert McNeill [SRC], 4: Alec Paterson [BRC], 5: Jack Price [TOOW], 6: Tom Williamson [TOOW], 7: David Carter [TOOW], Str: Hamish Parry [TOOW], Cox: Ashleigh Hockings [TOOW], Coaches: Keiran Dwyer, Leo Karadimitris

4th Mercantile/Adelaide-Sasi/Vis - Bow: William Legge [MERC], 2: Michael McNamara [MERC], 3: Simon Lane [ADEL], 4: Eric Low [MERC], 5: Connor McConville [MERC], 6: Red Matthews [MERC], 7: Jack Kelly [ADEL], Str: Jayden Grey [MERC], Cox: James Rook [MERC]


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