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Australian Rowing History

2019 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Coxless Four

Final A








Final A

1st Sydney University-Ntc - Bow: Jack Hargreaves, 2: Jack O'Brien, 3: Nicholas Purnell, Str: Alex Purnell

2nd Mercantile Composite-Ntc - Bow: Sam Hardy [SRC], 2: Robert Black [MOSM], 3: Liam Donald [MERC], Str: Angus Widdicombe [MERC]

3rd Adelaide Composite-Ntc/Sasi - Bow: Nathan Bowden [SRC], 2: Angus Dawson [ADEL], 3: James McRae [MBRC], Str: Alexander Hill [ADEL]

4th Uts-Ntc/Vis - Bow: James Medway, 2: Ben Coombs, 3: Hamish Playfair, Str: Tim Masters, Coaches: Alex Field, Tim McLaren

5th Tasmania University/Tamar - Bow: Tom Cox [TUBC], 2: Matthew Wyton [TAMAR], 3: James Cocker [TUBC], Str: Shaun Finlayson [TUBC], Coach: Mark Stott

6th University Of Queensland - Bow: David Vandas, 2: Erik Thoms, 3: Nicholas Winkler, Str: Mac Hamilton, Coaches: Ralph French, Michael Russell

7th Banks - Bow: Ben Chong-Halliday, 2: Henry Jarvis, 3: Angus Thornton, Str: James Meads, Coach: William Raven


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