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Australian Rowing History

2018 National Rowing Championships–
Club Men's Coxless 4

Final A








Final A

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Christopher Hargreaves, 2: Henry Jones, 3: Paddy Adams, Str: Noah Norman, Cch: Franz Imfeld, Michael Skala

2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Hamish Rowlands, 2: Gary Butcher, 3: Sam Morrison, Str: Jonothan Hookway, Cch: David England

3rd Sydney - Bow: Christopher Morgan, 2: Michael Bernerius, 3: Edward White, Str: Alexander Lloyd, Cch: Donovan Cech, Jason Baker, Lachlan Carter

4th Banks - Bow: Nathan Leckie, 2: Kane Bullock, 3: Harry Cathcart, Str: Sam Oostendorp, Cch: Sam Lefebvre, Nicholas Mitchell

5th Sydney-NSWIS - Bow: Lachlan Stevenson, 2: Nicholas Clifton, 3: Clinton Boltman, Str: Jack Quinn, Cch: Donovan Cech, Jason Baker, Lachlan Carter

6th ANU - Bow: James Cobb, 2: Harrisen Leckenby, 3: Javier Cross, Str: Douglas Horn, Cch: Dennis Hatcher

7th Adelaide University - Bow: James Powell, 2: Joshua Harris, 3: Oscar Moore, Str: Lachlan Kirchner, Cch: Brenton Terrell


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