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Australian Rowing History

2017 National Rowing Championships–
Club Women's Coxless Four

Final A









Final A

1st Sydney - Bow: Candice Williams, 2: Susannah Dear, 3: Emily Partridge, Str: Tessa Mapplebeck, Cch: Lachlan Carter

2nd Swan River - Bow: Molly Booker, 2: Natasa Zaric, 3: Amanda Rukuwai, Str: Alexis Whelan, Cch: Jack Fischer

3rd University of Queensland - Bow: Eliza Gray, 2: Annabelle Needham, 3: Holly Gall, Str: Maddy Wightman, Cch: Edward Draydon

4th Anu - Bow: Renee Tattersall, 2: Sarah Edwards, 3: Rachel Kilo, Str: Jana Pretorius, Cch: Callum MacKenzie

5th Melbourne - Bow: Tanja Nishibata, 2: Danielle Humphreys, 3: Zoe Gamble, Str: Jenny Collins, Cch: Alisdair Aikman

6th Banks - Bow: Meg Maitland, 2: Alice Hann, 3: Ciara Jackson, Str: Bronte Evans, Cch: Maryann Moore, Nicholas Mitchell

7th Brisbane & GPS - Bow: Lucy Ogden, 2: Charlotte Swanston, 3: Daisy Stubberfield, Str: Hannah Beech, Cch: Courtney Talbot

8th Anu - Bow: Holly Fredericksen, 2: Phillippa Smith, 3: Anna Peterson, Str: Jessica Freebody, Cch: Callum MacKenzie


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