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Australian Rowing History

2017 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Men's Coxed Eight

Final A









Final A

1st Scotch College Vic - Bow: Rainer Gertis, 2: Patrick Butcher, 3: Harrison Miller, 4: Benjamin Clarke, 5: Rupert Baxter, 6: Louis Le Deux, 7: Timothy Nothnagel, Str: Teddy Webster, Cox: Archie Gill, Cch: James Murray

2nd Toowong - Bow: Mathew Ready, 2: Tom Williamson, 3: Jethro Gifford, 4: Christopher Bunting, 5: Jack Kibble, 6: Morgan Apel, 7: Alexander Jeremijenko, Str: Christopher Thomson, Cox: Jasmine Halley, Cch: Keiran Dwyer, Paul Pettigrew, Alex Field

3rd St Peter'S College - Bow: Oscar McGuinness, 2: Charlie Moore, 3: William Smith, 4: Oscar Moore, 5: Geordie Muller, 6: Edward Badger, 7: Maxwell Fisher, Str: Angus Dawson, Cox: Indran Mukherjee, Cch: James McRae

4th Toowong/Unley High - Bow: Thomas Kibble [TOOW], 2: Mitchell Reinhard [UHS], 3: Thomas Waterman [TOOW], 4: Alistair Waters [TOOW], 5: Lachlan Phillips [TOOW], 6: Benjamin Pincus [TOOW], 7: James Hesse [TOOW], Str: Isaac Game [TOOW], Cox: Jaxon Fielding [TOOW], Cch: Keiran Dwyer, Paul Pettigrew, Peer Richards

5th Brisbane Grammar Composite - Bow: Tom Norman [WARC], 2: Benjamin Boultbee [CCGS], 3: Charles James [CCGS], 4: Darcy Anderson [CGS], 5: Logan Ullrich [BRISG], 6: Miller Rowe [BRISG], 7: Gleb Kuznetsov [BRISG], Str: TaVIS Reeves [BRISG], Cox: Andrew Le [WARC], Cch: Simon Cox, Scott Rowe, Paul Blanchfield

6th Prince Alfred College - Bow: Lauchlan Clarke, 2: Patrick Lowe, 3: Harry Wise, 4: Jordan Lesicar, 5: Charles McInnis, 6: Douglas Gerard, 7: Jack Good, Str: Angus Fry, Cox: Will Preece, Cch: Andrew Stunell, James Hammond

7th Scotch College Vic - Bow: John Kilroe-Smith, 2: Gus Permezel, 3: Jack Cameron, 4: Tom McPhail, 5: William Dixon, 6: Fraser Miscamble, 7: Marcus Cameron, Str: James Scott, Cox: William Smith, Cch: Oli Dutton-Schwietert

8th Brighton Grammar - Bow: Ethan Gray, 2: Hamish McDowell, 3: Zac De Worsop, 4: Max Twycross, 5: Tom Murray, 6: William Bullock, 7: Nicholas Phillips, Str: Harrison Catt, Cox: Charlie Durkin, 


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