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Australian Rowing History

2016 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolboy Coxed Quad Scull

Final C



Final B









Final A









Final C

1st Brisbane State High - Bow: Lachlan Donchak, 2: Leon Roelfes, 3: William Phillips, Str: Damon Kyparissis, Cox: Niall Waller, Cch: Andrew Clatworthy

2nd Hunter Valley Grammar - Bow: Callum Scarborough, 2: William Patton, 3: James Starkey, Str: Tim Jeffries, Cox: James Patton, Cch: Sarah Dieu, Felix Dieu

Final B

1st Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Henry Carter, 2: Harrison Crouch, 3: Will Stanley Davies, Str: Timothy Mutton, Cox: Harry Thompson, Cch: James Smith, James Hyder, Rachel Saunders

2nd Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Harry Fisher, 2: Harrison Sear, 3: Aldan Kelso, Str: James Allen, Cox: Charles Jenkins, Cch: James Smith, James Hyder, Rachel Saunders

3rd Newcastle Grammar - Bow: Alex Oakley, 2: Eoin Brown, 3: Sam Barnett, Str: Maximilian Routh, Cox: Dan Turner, Cch: Gavin Ellis

4th Hunter Valley Grammar - Bow: Benjamin Lumb, 2: Lachlan Barry, 3: Curtis Forbes, Str: Marcus Graham, Cox: Arthur Bowman, Cch: Sarah Dieu, Felix Dieu

5th Prince Alfred - Bow: Ned Bache, 2: Matthew Lowe, 3: Charles Mcinnes, Str: Alexander Economos, Cox: Paddy Johnson, Cch: Drew Clements, Tim Santin

6th Newcastle Grammar - Bow: Finn Wilson, 2: Sebastian Young, 3: William Gardner, Str: Emerson Gosling, Cox: Ryan Philpotts, Cch: Sam Steedman

7th Scotch - Bow: Harry Winwood, 2: Liam Rippon, 3: Edward Badger, Str: Louis Legoe, Cox: William Stewart, Cch: Tim Belcher, Toby Lister

8th Kardinia Int'L Coll - Bow: Jack Mulder, 2: Billy Evans, 3: Mason Kelynack, Str: Jack Williams, Cox: Samuel Young, Cch: Oscar Stephan, Michael Cushion

Final A

1st The Southport School - Bow: Jacob Mibus, 2: Jasper Hardy, 3: Harry Smith, Str: Cormac Kennedy-Leverett, Cox: Oscar Churchill, Cch: Adam Harrison

2nd Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Richmond Sear, 2: Harry Crouch, 3: Joe Yeomans, Str: Jack Lamph, Cox: Bridget Starr, Cch: James Smith

3rd Cranbrook - Bow: Fraser Ross, 2: George Gibson, 3: Mackenzie Matters, Str: Jack Suriano, Cox: Will Sheller

4th Newcastle Grammar - Bow: Jackson Gosling, 2: Connor Mc Donald, 3: Nathaniel Young, Str: Bronson Elsley, Cox: Gabby Angus, Cch: Gavin Ellis

5th Friends School - Bow: Finbar Morrissey, 2: Matthew Warner, 3: Carl Doedens, Str: Alex Pointon, Cox: Arabella Smail, Cch: Peter Gibson

6th Coomera Anglican - Bow: Jake Heck, 2: Jack Hallewell, 3: Lincoln Moynahan, Str: Kell Heck, Cox: Zane Bowser, Cch: Ray Armstrong

7th Prince Alfred - Bow: Lachlan Woodards, 2: Douglas Gerard, 3: Alexander Duthy, Str: Jordan Lesicar, Cox: Henry Lock, Cch: James Hammond, Ross McDougall

8th Radford College - Bow: Eamon Pascoe, 2: Mason Gavagna, 3: Michael McCormack, Str: Sam Durnell, Cox: Alana Barry, Cch: Robert Winkworth, Leslee Hodgson


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