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Australian Rowing History

2016 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxless Four

Final A





Final A

1st University Of Queensland - Bow: Campbell Young, 2: Eliza Gray, 3: Annabelle Needham, Str: Georgia Warmington, Cch: Edward Draydon

2nd Sandy Bay - Bow: Molly Garrett, 2: Chloe Cottier, 3: Olivia Browning, Str: Lucy Burbury, Cch: Kristy Arnold, Paul Webberley, Alister Foot

3rd Loreto - Marryatville Comp.-S.. - Bow: Verayna Zilm [Adelde], 2: Sophie Freeman [StPeter], 3: Ella Bramwell [Torrens], Str: Hannah Sexton [Lor-M], 

4th Friends School - Bow: Laura De Paoli, 2: Olivia Downie, 3: Paris Nightingale, Str: Meg Crombie, Cch: Glenn Hay

Scratched Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Lucy Wright, 2: Rebecca Crisp, 3: Jocelyn Date, Str: Kate Hall, Cch: James Smith, Rachel Saunders, James Hyder


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