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Australian Rowing History

2016 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Men's Coxless Four

Final A







Final A

1st Sydney University - Bow: Oliver Schwartz, 2: Lachlan Miles, 3: Jack O'Brien, Str: Marcus Britt, Cch: Sarah Cook

2nd Melbourne High - Bow: Runze Zhou, 2: Nicholas Moody, 3: Harry Cathcart, Str: Guy Velik, Cch: Paul McGann, Dylan Curnow

3rd Mosman - Bow: Daniel Samus, 2: Peter Brongo, 3: Felix Daddo, Str: Bjarne Ungemach, Cch: Matthias Ungemach

4th Prince Alfred - Bow: James Price, 2: George Jaensch, 3: Ethan Mons, Str: James Nicholas, Cch: James Hammond, Andrew Stunell

5th Toowong - Bow: Sam Scott, 2: William Starky, 3: Cormac Jarver, Str: Thomas Edgecombe, Cch: Paul Pettigrew

6th Nudgee/The Southport School - Bow: Robert Sinclair [Nudgee], 2: Jasper Hardy [Sthport], 3: Harry Smith [Sthport], Str: Matt Ready [Nudgee], Cch: Adam Harrison, John Bowes, Christian Oneto

Scratched North Esk - Bow: Matthew Dikkenberg, 2: Connor Ryan, 3: Jack Barrett, Str: Angus McGlashan, Cch: Trevor Barrett


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