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Australian Rowing History

2016 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Men's Quad Scull

Final A









Final A

1st Capital Lakes Composite - Bow: Bradley Pearsall [Corowa], 2: Anthony Kenny [Sydny], 3: George Finlayson [Scots], Str: Alex Grzeskowiak [CapLks], Cch: Antonio Maurogiovanni, Robert Eyers, Jason Baker

2nd Hawthorn Composite - Bow: Luke Spencer [Hawthrn], 2: Nathan Leckie [Nagamb], 3: Cameron Foreman [Corio], Str: Ned Coleman [Hawthrn], Cch: Tim Cleary, Paul Blanchfield, Dick Garrard

3rd Sydney University - Bow: Devlin Walsh, 2: Will O'Shannessy, 3: Jack Rath, Str: Matt Murray, Cch: Sarah Cook

4th North Esk - Bow: Matthew Dikkenberg, 2: Connor Ryan, 3: Jack Barrett, Str: Angus McGlashan, Cch: Trevor Barrett, Andrew Clatworthy

5th Oxenford/Brisbane & GPS - Bow: Jack Hallewell [Oxenfd], 2: Lincoln Moynahan [Oxenfd], 3: Chris Bunting [BGPS], Str: Kell Heck [Oxenfd], Cch: Ray Armstrong, Andrew Clatworthy

6th Swan River - Bow: Reid Quekett, 2: Chad Derecourt, 3: Will Jupp, Str: Michael Orton, Cch: Neville Kempton, Michael Hinsley

7th Ulverstone Composite - Bow: Jared Weisse [GuilfdYng], 2: Nat Graham [NwNorflk], 3: Joseph Wilson [Ulvrstone], Str: Jack Streeter [Ulvrstone], Cch: Stuart Burridge, Kelly Graham, Geoff Wiesse

8th Griffith Uni Surfers Paradise - Bow: Bryson Parker, 2: Bailey Wagstaff, 3: Michael Spratt, Str: Jackson Free, Cch: Kane Ramon, Marcus Free, Jenny Pemberton


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