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Australian Rowing History

2013 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Quadruple Scull

Final A






Final A

1st Sydney University Composite - Bow: Christopher Morgan [Sydny], 2: Tom Swann [Merc], 3: Shane Jackson [Merc], Str: Nicholas Purnell [SydU], Cch: Mark Prater

2nd Pine Rivers Composite - Bow: Michael Smith [Toow], 2: Jordan Smith [MelbU], 3: Patrick Stormon [Commrcl], Str: Chris Anderson [Pine], Cch: Richard Paterson, Alex Henshilwood, Keiran Dwyer

3rd UTS - Bow: Alessandro Adduci, 2: Steven Peile, 3: Danjels Reedman, Str: Franz Gravenhorst, Cch: Stephen Luker, Ellen Randell

4th Ana Composite - Bow: Dylan Conolan [ANU], 2: Angus Morton [UniQld], 3: David Wright [ANU], Str: Rhys Grant [ANA], 

5th Mercantile/Fremantle - Bow: Andrew Kovacs [Merc], 2: Lachlan McKinnon [Merc], 3: Ben Williams [Fremntl], Str: Andrew Curnow [Merc], Cch: Mark Fangen-Hall, Mark Prater


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