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Australian Rowing History

2012 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Men's Coxless Pair

Final A






Final A

1st Uni Of Qld - Bow: Texas Lawton, Str: Angus Lillicrap, Cch: David Dancer

2nd Uni Of Qld - Bow: Matt Hart, Str: Dan McCarthy, Cch: David Dancer

3rd Friends - Bow: Jacob Cooper, Str: Nico Reeve, Cch: Mark Stott, Mark Stott

4th Sydney - Bow: Luke Stait, Str: Sean Madeley, Cch: Lachlan Carter, Tom Morris

5th Trinity College/Ana - Bow: Michael Giles-Beere [ANA], Str: Jesse Ipsaro-Passione [TC], Cch: Jamie Hewlett

Scratched Hutchins - Bow: Tom Howard, Str: Max Heerey, Cch: Philip Hutton


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