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Australian Rowing History

2011 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Men's Coxed Four

Final A







Final A

1st Melbourne Uni - Bow: Andrew Emmett, 2: Simon Keenan, 3: Henry Meek, Str: Harrison Casey, Cox: Tim Webster, Cch: Alex Henshilwood

2nd Banks - Bow: Matthew Ridgeway, 2: Tim Masters, 3: Jordan Hooper, Str: Jack Macciolli, Cox: Charles Willey, Cch: Nicholas Lloyd

3rd Adelaide/Renmark - Bow: Max Tonkin [ADEL], 2: Tom Sullivan [RRC], 3: Alexander Hill [ADEL], Str: Nathan Bowden [ADEL], Cox: Isabella Milazzo [ADEL], Cch: Zoltan Shepherd, Ron Mobbs

4th Mosman Composite - Bow: Jacob Waller [MOSM], 2: Michael Bernerius [SHORE], 3: Aaron Wright [SCOTS], Str: Charles Marriott [MOSM], Cox: Tom Minifie [SHORE], Cch: Thomas Laurich

5th Sydney University - Bow: Jason Waddell, 2: Phillip Blacklaw, 3: Thomas Sacre, Str: Ryan Barraclough, Cox: William Raven, Cch: James Macartney, Mark Prater

6th Banks - Bow: James Redhead, 2: Harry Macciolli, 3: Alex King, Str: Charles Risbey, Cox: Chloe Mutimer, Cch: Nicholas Lloyd


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