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Australian Rowing History

2010 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Men's Coxed Four

Final A







Final A

1st CGS - Bow: Daniel del Rio, 2: Thomas Ethell, 3: Angus Moore, Str: Mathew Barnier, Cox: Nicholas Purnell, Cch: Jason Cain, Mark Halpin

2nd St Patrick's - Bow: Sam Morrissey, 2: Jake Belsar, 3: Daniel Baxter, Str: Dermot Conaughton, Cox: Alex Fraser, Cch: Terry Austin, Tam Lynn

3rd Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Declan Michell, 2: Daniel Whitehead, 3: Matthew Simpson, Str: Michael Nagy, Cox: Alistair Fleming, 

4th WARC/UWABC - Bow: William Moore [WARC], 2: Shaun Brady [UWABC], 3: Michael Stott [WARC], Str: Hamish Murray [WARC], Cox: Teresa Maguire [WARC], Cch: Jacki Morrell

5th Carey GS - Bow: Alexander Martin, 2: Arjuna Benson, 3: Kallum Fraser, Str: Tyler Brenchley, Cox: Luca Di Nello, Cch: Lewis Fotheringham, Shane Jackson

6th St Patricks - Bow: Cameron Scott, 2: TraVIS Johnston, 3: Nathan Izbicki, Str: Joel Digney, Cox: Lachlan Prior, Cch: Andrew Prior


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