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Australian Rowing History

2009 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Corowa Composite - Bow: Addy Dunkley-Smith [GEELC], 2: Jennifer Cleary [GEELC], 3: Renee Tattersall [NRC], Str: Chloe Williams [CRC], Cox: Alex Tattersall [NRC], Cch: Robert Eyers, Neil Lodding, Alan Darker

2nd Lower Clarence/Lismore - Bow: Stephanie Smith [LWRCL], 2: Sophie Dansie [LISM], 3: Bethany Trigger [LISM], Str: Leah Saunders [LWRCL], Cox: Penny Elvery [LWRCL], Cch: John Kincade, Harold Kratz, Peter Wallace

3rd Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Emily O'Brien, 2: Jordan Duffy-Watson, 3: Briony Wills, Str: Harriet Hain, Cox: Jacqueline Hayes, Cch: Crina Dihel, Joseph Donnelly

4th Bris GPS - Bow: Sarah Zillmann, 2: Kateena Morey, 3: Katie Daubney, Str: Morgana Jones, Cox: Brooke Birt, Cch: Peter Hicks

5th Murray Bridge/Torrens - Bow: Hannah Wertheim [TORR], 2: Latoya Palachicky-Vogt [MBRC], 3: Rachael Wertheim [TORR], Str: Brooke Newell [MBRC], Cox: Catherine Macks [SCADL], Cch: Ron Mobbs

6th Cathedral Composite - Bow: Juliet Griffiths [HSHS], 2: Regan Spark [TLC], 3: Larissa Allingham [CATHQ], Str: Casey Todd [CATHQ], Cox: Meghan Casey [CATHQ], Cch: Jennifer Pemberton, Stephan Muhlenberg


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