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Australian Rowing History

2008 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolboys Coxed Quad Scull

Final B







Final A







Final B

1st Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: David Schwebel, 2: Campbell Wills, 3: John Colgan, Str: Benjamin Denison, Cox: Alistair Fleming, Cch: Joseph Donnelly, Crina Dihel

2nd Centenary - Bow: Marcus Howell, 2: Madi Wappett, 3: Lewis Robinson, Str: Campbell Robinson, Cox: Kirby Du Moulin, Cch: Rod Howell, Cameron Stephenson

3rd Guilford Young - Bow: Patrick Trigg, 2: Mitchell Perry, 3: Jake Florence, Str: Ashley Reardon, Cox: Grace Phibbs, Cch: Paul Webberley

4th Melbourne High 2 - Bow: Will Gort, 2: Andrew Hislop, 3: John Saunders, Str: Rhys Cranney, Cox: Ayeed Ahsan, Cch: James Guthrie

5th Melbourne High 1 - Bow: Jakub Patela, 2: Jamie Cahill, 3: Andrew Curnow, Str: Liam Ferris, Cox: Danny Cockburn, Cch: James Guthrie, Peter Halliday

6th Somerset College - Bow: Wilson Price, 2: Nicholas Beresford, 3: Stephen Heiner, Str: Daniel Barrett, Cox: Danielle Simkus, Cch: Peter Miller

Final A

1st Gippsland Grammar - Bow: Stephen Johnston, 2: Jordon Smith, 3: Craig Battams, Str: Dan Candy, Cox: Georgia Banks, Cch: Frank Stone

2nd Canberra Grammar - Bow: Peter McColl, 2: James Hart, 3: Anthony Tridgell, Str: Sam Lawrence, Cox: William Vickers

3rd Cathedral School - Bow: Paul Mahlouzirdes, 2: Jordan Depledge-Smith, 3: Julian Musumeci, Str: Daniel Woolley, Cox: Adria Askin, Cch: Stephan Muhlenberg

4th Radford - Bow: Jared Priestley, 2: Toby Bradshaw, 3: Tom Cotterill, Str: Oliver Chiswell, Cox: Emily Gleeson

5th Melbourne High 3 - Bow: Christopher Bellhouse, 2: Daniel McCurdy, 3: Laurie Walker, Str: Nathan Waters, Cox: Daniel Maydelman

6th Newcastle Grammar - Bow: Riley Lewis, 2: Matthew Filmer, 3: Edward McMahon, Str: Jonathan Hiley, Cox: Reuben Swain, Cch: Gordon Cameron


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