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Australian Rowing History

2008 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Lightweight Women's Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Sydney Uni Composite - Bow: Ella Flecker [HUON], 2: Laura Dunn [UTS], 3: Jacky Peile [STGEO], Str: Elsa O'Hanlon [SUBC], Cch: Phil Bourguignon

2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Courtney Adamson, 2: Elsie Madigan, 3: Heidi Wilson, Str: Alice McNamara

3rd University Qld Composite - Bow: Rebecca Cuss [COMM], 2: Kat Murray [BGPS], 3: Heather McNeil [UQBC], Str: Catriona Rose [UQBC], Cch: Honor Conrad, Peter Howard, John Bowes

4th Toowong 2 - Bow: Marianne Bassingthwaighte, 2: Rebecca Stevens, 3: Lissa Lyons, Str: Genevieve Bassingthwaighte, Cch: Andrew Service

5th Toowong/Bunbury 1 - Bow: Clare White [TOOW], 2: Laura Stephenson [TOOW], 3: Nicole Depiazzi [BRC], Str: Kirstin White [TOOW], Cch: Andrew Service

6th Brisbane GPS Composite - Bow: Tobie Evans-Lee [NOOSA], 2: Claire Alcorn [BGPS], 3: Caitlin Barnes [UQBC], Str: Jordan Chinchen [BGPS], Cch: Honor Conrad, Hannah Every-Hall, Peter Howard


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