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Australian Rowing History

2007 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Double Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Bunbury Rowing Club - Bow: Georgia Gibbs, Str: Alexandra Hagan, Cch: Jamie Jones, Trevor Wignell, John Seroka

2nd Grafton High School - Bow: Johanna Tarrant, Str: Sarah Jones, Cch: Colin Lang

3rd Pymble Ladies College - Bow: Olivia Heath, Str: Michelle Battersby, Cch: Mark Campbell, Gillian Campbell

4th Torrens Rowing Club - Bow: Peta White, Str: Jessica Molsher-Jones, Cch: John Curtis, Phil Blesing

5th Brisbane & Gps Rowing Club - Bow: Lucy Ogden, Str: Gabby Kukla, Cch: Cameron Kennedy

6th Surfers Paradise Rowing Club - Bow: Alexane Escot, Str: Katelyn Eggins, Cch: Jenny Pemberton, Robert Thomason


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