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Australian Rowing History

2005 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Men's Coxless Four

Final A





Final A

1st Sydney University - Bow: Asher Hammond [STJOE], 2: Andrew Heffer [SUBC], 3: Mitchell Estens [SUBC], Str: Cameron Girdlestone [KINGS], Cch: Marty Rabjohns

2nd Toowong - Bow: Michael Smith, 2: Tom Shepard, 3: Stephen Cook, Str: Tom Gethin-Jones, Cch: Greg Brown, Andrew Service

3rd Scotch College Vic - Bow: Jonathon Day, 2: Michael Steele, 3: Matthew Hildebrandt, Str: Angus Tyers, Cch: Jeff Watt

4th North Esk - Bow: Andrew Godfrey, 2: Sean Roddick, 3: Mark Barrett, Str: Karl Fenger, Cch: Barry Townsend


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