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Australian Rowers at Henley Royal Regatta

Australians at 1912 Henley Royal Regatta

Grand Challenge Cup

Final – Sunday
Sydney v. Leander

Finish: 7.06
Won by Sydney Rowing Club by 3/4 length.
Stations unknown

Sydney Rowing Club

Bow: John Ryrie (NSW)
2: Simon Fraser (VIC)
3: Keith Heritage (NSW)
4: Thomas Parker (NSW)
5: Henry Hauenstein (NSW)
6: Sidney Middleton (NSW)
7: Harry Ross-Soden (VIC)
Str: Roger Fitzhardinge (NSW)
Cox: Robert Waley (NSW)
Coach: Bill Middleton (NSW)

Reserves: Stuart Amess (NSW) and Roy Barker (NSW)

Diamond Challenge Sculls

Round 1 - eliminated
Stations unknown

Cecil McVilly, Derwent Rowing Club


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