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history of richmond rowing club melbourne australia

History of Richmond Rowing Club

Looking Forward: the next chapter

Richmond Rowing Club Sunday morning training c2012

Sunday morning training c2012

This book celebrates the significant achievements of the past and in doing so provides a very solid foundation for the club to thrive well into the future.

RRC members in its 150th year

RRC members in its 150th year

When you think about the obvious next steps for the club, such as the major expansion and redevelopment of the clubhouse, it is evident that RRC will not be resting easy. RRC is uniquely placed in both its age amongst fellow rowing clubs and physical position and presence within the city of Melbourne. RRC is where friendships, lifelong partners and family have been formed. A training ground to try new things, acquire new skills and stretch oneself.

As a community club, charged with the responsibility to providing rowing opportunities and experiences to all those that wish to try it, Richmond's part in social cohesion and connection - that we have all come to enjoy - will be evermore important in a city that is expanding.

RRC has recently affirmed its vision and values to ensure a sound strategic footing. Despite the growing administrative responsibilities, including compliance regimes and liabilities, that have been placed on all community run associations in recent years, the bigger clubhouse and no doubt an expanding membership will also require further effort for club administrators.

One of the attributes that has enabled RRC to reach its ripe old age, as well as accomplish on and off the water successes, is a strong presence of volunteerism. It is critical going forward that this ethos remains, ensuring the club retains one of its the founding characteristics.

It is important to reflect and celebrate the past, however it is equally important to keep our eye on the horizon and keep pushing, challenging and doing things better. Richmond's future is bright and exciting. So as the club embarks on its next chapter it will be incumbent on the current and future generations of to seize the opportunities as they present themselves as well as preserve the traditions of the past.

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