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Australian Rowing History

December 2021

December 2021 brings the following new items to the site.

  • A new chapter has been added, Peter Bond's history of the NSW Central Districts Rowing Association. Thank you Peter for making this work available to the site and thank you Hope Stewart for the design work. The Central Districts Clubs are numerous in number and are a key part of NSW rowing.
  • Rowing profiles continue to be added at a good rate and thank you to Kate Elliott for her continued stream of Ballarat City rower profiles. An interesting story added for Thomas Gilchrist, who had a small but important part in the federation of Australia. He was also a foundation member of Mercantile Rowing Club.
  • Also, more Victorian APS Head of the River results and pages are regularly being added.
  • Considerable updates to the Brisbane Schoolgirls Rowing Association regatta have been added. 

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