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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

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Photo Gallery: 1919 Peace Regatta and other Inter-Allied Armies Regattas after WWI – page 1

Regatta program

1919 Peace Regatta

Australian supporters at the regatta

The King's Cup in 1919

A picture of the No 1 AIF given by Capt Disher to the Victorian Rowing Association

No 1 AIF Crew

Bow: Sergt. A. R. Robb, 2: Lieut. F. A. I House, 3: Lieut. T. McGill, 4: Gunner A. V. Scott, 5: Lieut. H. Hauenstein, 6: Major S. A. Middleton D.S.O., 7: Gunner G. W. Mettam, Str: Capt. H. C. Disher, Cox: Sergt. A. E. Smedley

No 1 AIF Crew

Standing: Lieut-Col Norman Marshall, DSO, MC (coach), Lieut FA House (2), Lieut T McGill (3), Sergt AE Smedley (cox), Gunner AV Scott (4), Sergt AR Robb (bow), Lieut H Ross-Soden (substitute). Sitting: Major SA Middleton, DSO (6), Capt HC Disher (str), Gunner GW Mettam (7), Lieut H Hauenstein (5).

No 1 AIF Crew

Standing: Capt HC Disher, Gunner GW Mettam, Gunner AV Scott, unknown, Major SA Middleton, Lt T McGill, Lt H Hausenstein
Seated: Sgt AR Robb, Sgt AE Smedley, Lt FA House

Early picture of an early version of No 1 crew

Back row: Begg, Disher, House, Hauenstein, Middleton, Ross Soden. Front row: Robb, Smedley, Davis.

The winning medallion of Arthur Scott

Clive Disher later in life with his winning oar

No 2 AIF crew

Standing: Crpl JK Cogle (6), Sergt EJ Harrison (3), Sergt GM Penny (2), Lieut H Ross-Soden (coach), Lieut HA White (4), Major WA Audsley, DSO (5). Seated: Gunner JA Begg (7), Lieut HR Newall (str), Lieut OJ Wood (cox), Lieut J Howieson (bow)

Crew members inspecting the course

These identifications are educated guesses - left to right: Beggs, Penny, Newall, Aldersley, Harrison, Disher, unknown

No 2 AIF crew in training

No 2 AIF crew in training

Bow GW Mettam (WA), 2 GM Penny (SA), 3 EJ Harrison (NSW), 4 AV Scott (SA), 5 WA Audsley (NSW), 6 JK Cogle (NSW), 7 T McGill (NSW), Str HR Newel (VIC), Cox AE Smedley (NSW)

No 2 AIF crew training before the crew change

Depiction of the Marlow regatta at that time

Picture of the combined crews

Back row: Begg, Cogle, White, Harrison, Mettam, Penny, Newall, Scott. Middle row: Robb, House, McGill, Audsley, Hauenstein, Ross-Soden, Disher. Front row: Cox, Wood, Smedley Davis.

New Zealand Army Crew

AIF crews racing in South Africa on the return journey

Alf Felton

Poster for the Paris Inter Allied Games

George Mettam's Diploma for second placing at the Inter Allied Games

Photo gallery page: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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