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australian rowers profiles and history

Gordon Zunker

Bundaberg Rowing Club (QLD)

1960 - Queensland Championships, Men's Four, three seat - First

1964 - National Championships, Men's Coxed Four, three seat - Sixth

1968 - Interstate Championships, King's Cup, five seat - Eliminated in repechage

1968 Queensland crew filled with members of the Zunker family
Bow: Brian Zunker, 2: D Slaughter, 3: John Bigg, 4: Geoffrey Lloyd-Jones, 5: Gordon Zunker, 6: Laurie Zunker, 7: Alan Zunker, Str: Barry Zunker, Cox: D Wilkinson, Emerg: Malcolm Ford, Cch: Colin Zunker

Steve Roll and Andrew Guerin
May 2021

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