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australian rowers profiles and history

James Watson

Mercantile Rowing Club (VIC)

A successful rower with Mercantile early in the twentieth century whose death was recorded in 1929-30 club annual report. The report noted: "It is with the deepest regret that we record the death during the season of one of our old friends and members, the Late Mr James Watson."

1905 Maiden Four which won at Bairnsdale
Bow: James Watson, 2: H W Lloyd, 3: W H Waters, Str: P L Armstrong, Cox: R A Cooper

Race wins

1905 - Upper Yarra Regatta, men's maiden eight , three seat- First

1905 - Bairnsdale Regatta, men's maiden four, bow - First

1907 - Geelong and Barwon Regatta, men's maiden pair, stroke - First

1908 - Henley on Yarra, men's junior eight for the Founders' Cup, two seat - First

1911 - Upper Yarra Regatta, men's junior four, three seat - First

1911 - Albert Park Regatta, men's junior four, three seat - First

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