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australian rowers profiles and history

Robert J Towart

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Robert James Towart, and father of fellow member Alexander James Towart.

Listed as a founding member

Born 1849 passed away 23/6/1917

Vice President 1904/05 - 1913/14

No recorded wins 

From the 1971/72 YYRC annual report:-

If more records existed, it is possible that connections with the Early Closing Association would be identified through Robert Towart (who gave evidence to the employees in shops Commission as secretary of the Salesmen’s union in 1883).

Both Robert Towart and his son Alexander Towart became officials of YYRC. A rare publication, the Early Closing almanac and guide to recreation for 1874 describes rowing “not merely as a pastime, but as a second existence,” When taken in moderation rowing was seen as “the most healthful of all athletic pastimes.

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