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Charlie K Stewart

Sydney Rowing Club (NSW)

The following tribute was in the Sydney Rowing Club annual report for season 1960-61.

The award of the Honour Blazer this year was voted in favour of Charles Stewart. 

Charlie as he is known to all, has been associated with this Club for over twenty years. We can best remember him in his early association with the Club as a masseur, helping with the training of scullers and crew members. 

Realising his ability in organising and Committee work, the Club soon took advantage of his services. He has held many offices in the Club including that of Assistant Honorary Secretary on several occasions (a position he still holds), Publicity Officer, Social Secretary and Historian. His knowledge of the Club and its admini­stration makes him one whose services are constantly being sought.

Charlie is a N.S.W.R.A. Regatta Official and is also widely known in other walks of life, particularly as an Executive Member of the St. John Ambulance Association, which position he has held for many years. He is also an ex-Superintendent of the St. John Ambulance Brigade. 

Those who have been associated and worked with Charlie on the Committee over the many years have learned that he has ideas and opinions of his own which he is not afraid to voice, and whether right or wrong, one knows, however, that all his thoughts and efforts are for the benefit of the Club. 

In awarding him this honoured blazer this year we are confident Charlie will wear it with pride. 

Extracted by Andrew Guerin
December 2020

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