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australian rowers profiles and history

Frank Shew

University of Melbourne Boat Club (VIC)

Frank Shew was clearly one of the prime movers in the creation of the Victorian Rowing Association in 1876, arguably the oldest rowing association in the world. 

John Lang in his book The Victorian Oarsman records as follows.

The Victorian Rowing Association was founded at a meeting of oirsmen on 7th October, 1870, to conduct the Melbourne Regatta and to manage Victorian rowing affairs. The proposal to form the Association was made by Mr. J. H. Hood (now Mr.Justice Hood), and at the meeting referred to the rules drafted by him were adopted after some few amendments.

The Association consisted of the following clubs :—-Albert, Albert Park, Ballarat, Ballarat City, Banks, Barwon, Boroondara, Civil Service, Corio, Footscray, I. Zingari, Melbourne, Murray, Richmond, University, Warehousemen, Williamstown, Yarra Yarra. 

The Committee consisted of ten "elected” members and of one representative from each club subscribing £10 annually to the Association. The Committee was to exercise the powers conferred by the rules, and to have the rights, powers, and privileges formerly possessed by the Melbourne Regatta Committee.

Mr. Frank Shew (University) was the first Hon. Sec.

Andrew Guerin
January 2023

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