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australian rowers profiles and history

Kathy Powers

Mercantile Rowing Club (VIC)

Kathy's relationship with Mercantile commenced as a commercial arrangement and she had no rowing background.

This involvement with Mercs started as a caterer for the Club with her company Degrees Catering. She wanted a venue from which to operate and the Club wanted a new and regular income source. The two aims matched very well.

But if it was purely commercial, she would not have this profile written. She loved the Club and became a key member of it. Her relationship with the Club grew and increasingly her business decisions became based on Mercantile's needs rather than her own. She was a generous and well meaning member. Interestingly, the importance of her work for the Club became critical for some number of years as the rowing side was going through a period of significant growth and success. The Club named a boat in her honour.

Sadly she died quite young and was sadly missed by the Club.

Andrew Guerin
January 2023

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