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australian rowers profiles and history

Stuart Poole

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Member 2006/07 - 2010/11

Captain 2008/09 - 2010/11

Win’s recorded:-

2007 - M U B C mini head regatta, female “D” four (coach)

2007 - Colac regatta. female “C” four (coach) and Female “D” four (coach)

2007 - Melbourne head, female “D” four (coach)

2007 - Head of the Yarra, female “C” eight (coach)

2007 - Nestles regatta, female “D” four (coach)

2007 - Hamilton regatta, female “C” eight (coach)

2007 - Carrum regatta, female “D” four (coach)

2008 - Rutherglen regatta, female “C” scull (coach), Female “C” four (coach) and Female “D” four (coach)

2008 - Yarra Yarra regatta, men’s “B” four (bow)

2008 - State championships, men’s “B” eight (bow), Female “C” four (coach) and Female “D” four (coach)

2008 - Head of the Goulburn, men’s masters’ quad scull (bow)

2008 - Melbourne head, men’s “B” quad scull (bow)

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