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australian rowers profiles and history

Robin Poke AM

Canberra Rowing Club (ACT)

1969-1973 - rower with Mosman Rowing Club (Sydney) winning State Championships    
1978-81 - Founding Editor Australian Rowing Magazine
1978 - World Championships - Women's team manager
1982 Co-commentator with Gordon Bray and Norman May at the Australian Rowing Championships for ABC TV
1988 - World Junior Championships - team manager
1988 - World Championships - team manager
1988-90 - Executive Director Australian Rowing Council
1990 - Member of the Organising Committee of the 1990 World Rowing Championships, Tasmania
1992-95 - Chairman then President of ACT Rowing Association
1994-1997 - Media Director, Rowing Australia
1996 - Olympic Games - Media Liaison Officer Australian team
1997-2009 - Australian and World Masters Games rowing medallist
2000 - Olympic Games - Senior journalist in the Australian team office main press centre.
2004 - Olympic Games - Co-ordinator of Australian team office at the main press centre.
2005-2017 - President, ACT Olympic Council

Robin is an accomplished journalist taking senior roles such as Sports Editor Channel 9 Adelaide and Head of Sport, Capital Television, Canberra.

Robin commentating at 1990 selection trials at Penrith

Robin Poke hard at work at 1996 Olympic Games

As a service to rowing, he also founded the Australian Rowing magazine and was its inaugural editor. This publication was an important part of the sport of rowing for many years and marked a key part of development of the sport.

He has also lifted the profile of the sport through much press coverage.

In more recent years, despite failing eye sight, he has become a dedicated sports historian. He authored the 2007 book Peter Antonie: Out of his Shell, a biography of Peter. He project managed a book on Australia's 74 individual Olympic gold medallists, writing one of the chapters. He is currently completing a history of Australian Rowing and also co-writing a history of the King's Cup. His work is of the highest order and will become the main reference for rowers of our great history.

Robin Poke with his parents at the 1990 World Championships

Robin is a devoted servant of the sport.


Andrew Guerin, Dec 2017

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