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australian rowers profiles and history

Rodney Northam

Colleagues Rowing Club (NSW)

Rod Northam hailed from the little known, at least these days, Colleagues Rowing Club. This club was formed the 1959-60 rowing season composed mainly of former Sydney High oarsmen. Noted coach Alan Callaway coached their senior rowers in the early 1960s. They achieved rapid success and Rod was part of that success.

1963 NSW crew with Rod in the stroke seat

1964 NSW crew with Rod in the two seat

Some details:

1963 -  Interstate Men's Eight Championship, stroke - Second

1964 - National Men's Coxless Four Championship, stroke -Second

1964 - National Men's Coxed Four Championship, stroke -Second

1964 - Interstate Men's Eight Championship, two seat - Second

1964 - Olympic Games, Men's Coxed Four, emergency

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