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australian rowers profiles and history

James K McKeown

Mercantile Rowing Club (VIC)

Jim McKeown was an old Scotch Collegian. He joined the Mercantile Rowing Club for a brief period when he left school just after the Second World War but returned again to participate in Sunday morning rowing in  the season 1965-66. He was a cheerful and energetic member of the social rowing group from then until shortly before his death and seldom missed a Sunday at the Club. 

Jim was not one to take the benefits of Club membership without making a contribution in his own way in return. His way was to undertake the task of supervising and indeed personally carrying out the maintenance of equipment a task for which his abilities as a general handy-man well fitted him. A quiet worker, he sought no reward except that of knowing the job was done and well done. The McKeown interest and help to Mercantile did not end with Jim's activities. His wife Isla was a hard working member of the Ladies' Committee which over many years has done so much to raise funds for specific Club projects. 

Robert R Aitken
Upon his death in 1985

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