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australian rowers profiles and history

Eric B McKay

South Melbourne Rowing Club (VIC) now Albert Park South Melbourne Rowing Club (VIC) and Melbourne University Boat Club (VIC)

Eric Brodie McKay was a South Melbourne Rowing Club member who served in WWI. We are assuming that he the same person who was is listed on the honour roll for MUBC.

He was a student at Trinity College Melbourne University at the time of his enlistment on 12th May 1915. As he was under the age of 21 years old, parental consent was obtained. He is listed as an MUBC member on their honour roll.

He does not appear to have won any races prior to WWI.

Given his previous cadet training, he was made a second lieutenant shortly after enlistment. He was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant.

He served at Gallipoli and was wounded and then in France. He took part in raid on German trenches in June 1916. But sadly in August 1916, he was wounded and died five days later on 10th August 1916.

Andrew Guerin
July 2021


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