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australian rowers profiles and history

V F Mason

Mercantile Rowing Club (VIC)

Mr Mason was a foundation member of Mercantile Rowing Club in 1880. His obituary appeared in the 1943-44 annual report.

Mr. Mason, one of our foundation members, used to tell how a band of enthusiasts worked every week-end in filling up the swamp which was orig·ina]ly on the site of our present Boat-house. 

For a number of years he dropped out of active association with the Club,. but when this was renewed in 1934 he displayed keen interest in its welfare, and made many generous donations to its funds. 

By his death another link with the early history of the Club is severed, but it is a tribute to the strong hold which rowing takes on those who take an active part in it to remember that his association extended over a period of sixty-three years, and that almost to the time of his death he was hale and hearty. 

Andrew Guerin
March 2023

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