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australian rowers profiles and history

T W (Tom) Marsh

Mercantile Rowing Club (VIC)

The following obituary appeared in the 1948-49 Mercantile Rowing Club annual report.

It is with great regret that we have to record the death of Mr. T. W. (Tom) Marsh, a Member of 35 years' standing. While Mr. Marsh was not well known by our younger Members, he was held in high esteem by his contemporaries, both in the Mercantile, and in other rowing clubs. 

A man of particufarly kindly nature, he enjoyed the friendship of kindred spirits in all walks of life, and the large attendance at his funeral was evidence of this. 

He was a great supporter of this Club until ill-health limited his activities, but he always had its interests at heart. Perhaps a better tribute to him could not be made than by saying that his memory will live in this Club just as actively as that of his contem¬≠porary and close friend, the late Jim Watson, whose name is so frequently heard when older members are recalling events of bygone days. 

Extracted by Andrew Guerin
March 2023

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