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australian rowers profiles and history

H James M Lowe

Melbourne University Boat Club (VIC) then Banks Rowing Club (VIC)

Jim commenced his rowing career at Geelong Grammar School and represented the school in the first VIII in the Head of the River in 1973 (3rd) and in 1974 (1st).  In 1974 he represented Victoria in the first Youth Eight Championship for the Noel Wilkinson Cup coming 3rd.

James in the four seat of his winning 1974 Head of the River crew

In 1975 Jim was in the winning Melbourne University VIII at the Intervarsity Regatta.

In 1976 Jim was selected in the Victorian Kings Cup crew, which was to be his first of 8 Kings Cup races, winning three (1979, 1980 and 1986) and in doing so won rowing on both sides of the boat. In winning the King's Cup in 1979, he joined a select group of individuals who have won the triple crown of their primary school race, their premier university race and their premier Interstate Championship. Very few people can claim this record.

Jim has represented Australia on four occasions; the Coxless Four in 1978 at Lake Karipiro, NZ (9th), the Eight in 1979 at Bled, Yugoslavia (4th) and the Eight at the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 (5th).

James on the left after his first King's Cup win in 1979

In 1982 Jim transferred to Banks Rowing Club and represented Victoria in three Kings Cup crews and represented Australia in the Coxless Four at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, coming 8th. 

From 1989 to 1992 Jim was a Kings Cup selector (all crews won), and in 1990, along with Noel Donaldson, selected the original Oarsome Foursome to compete at the 1990 test races – and the rest is history.

James back row left with his fellow 1978 Australian Four members and coach

In 1989 David Boykett asked Jim to be to Treasurer of the Victorian Rowing Association / Rowing Victoria, a position he held for 16 years which lead to Jim being awarded life membership of Rowing Victoria in 2005.  

Over the past 25 years Jim has been very involved and successful in Masters competition locally, nationally and internationally.  He was on the initial Rowing Victoria Masters Commission and was a member of the Rowing Australia Masters Committee. He stroked four Victorian Masters eights for two wins, and won on four other occasions (winning on both sides of the boat).  His Masters wins includes 99 at the Australian Masters Rowing Championships and 12 at the World Masters Games.

Jim has been President of Banks Rowing Club for the past six years and treasurer and vice-president over the past 25 years, and has been a member of the Henley Regatta Organising Committee since it was reformed in 2007.

Jim’s involvement in Victorian and Australian Rowing has been extensive over a long period of time being a competitor, coach, selector, treasurer and administrator.

James in the six seat of the 1980 Olympic Eight

Rowing Summary

1973 - APS Head of the River, Geelong Grammar first crew, seven seat - Third

1974 - APS Head of the River, Geelong Grammar first crew, four seat -First

1974 - Interstate Championships, Victorian Men's Youth Eight No 2, four seat - Third

1975 - Australian University Championships, Men's Eight, four seat - First

1975 - National Championships, Men's Junior Eight, seven seat - Third

1976 - National Championships, Men's Coxed Four, bow - Fifth

1976 - Interstate Championships, Men's Eight, five seat - Second

1978 - Interstate Championships, Men's Eight, four seat - Second

1978 - World Championships, Men's Coxless Four, three seat - Ninth

1979 - Victorian Championships, Men's Eight, stroke - First

1979 - National Championships, Men's Coxed Four, three seat - Fourth

1979 - National Championships, Men's Coxless Four, three seat - Second

1979 - Interstate Championships, Men's Eight, seven seat - First

1979 - World Championships, Men's Eight, six seat - Fourth

1980 - Victorian Championships, Men's Coxed Four, bow - First

1980 - Victorian Championships, Men's Eight, six seat- First

1980 - National Championships, Men's Coxed Pair, stroke - Fifth

1980 - National Championships, Men's Coxed Four, bow - Fourth

1980 - Interstate Championships, Men's Eight, six seat - First

1980 - Olympic Games, Men's Eight, six seat - Fifth

1981 - National Championships, Men's Coxless Four, bow - First

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