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australian rowers profiles and history

Hannah Lewis

Mercantile Rowing Club (VIC)

Above – Hannah Lewis on podium of 2015 National Championships Women’s Pair – second from left

2008 – Victorian under 18 crew to New Zealand

2009 – Melbourne Girls Grammar first eight

2010 – Raced junior but a member of the winning Mercs Vic Champ women’s Youth Eight

2011 – Victorian Championship Women’s Youth Eight – first again

2011 – Victorian Women’s Youth Eight five seat – Third

2011 – Under 21 Youth Cup – Second in eight and pair, first in four

2012 – Raced for University of Nottingham in England – head and university racing

Late in 2012 Hannah returned to Australia but suffered a prolapsed disc in training. She felt something wrong getting the boat out but froze whilst out on the water. Fortunately she was spotted by her former school coach and rescued. Hannah spent much time recovering, thinking that retirement from rowing was her only option.

However in January 2014, she recommenced rowing and gave herself a target of 12 weeks to test her back. All went well. She continued yet further until June 2014 and all was still good. Hannah had recovered. Then it all came together – she was back.

2014 – Vice-Captain

2015 – National Championships – women’s eight – First

2015 – Women’s Pair – Second

2015 – Women’s Four – Fourth

After the Nationals she kept paddling with Jess Morrison and they made the late decision to race at the Holland Beker Regatta at Amsterdam. The Mercs website reported: Club members Jess Morrison and Hannah Lewis decided recently to race at Holland Beker Regatta and raced very well. They won silver in the women’s pair and partnered with Lotte of the Willem III club and Willeke Vossen of Triton club in the four, which they won. They raced in Triton zooties.  This was a great initiative by them with good results. Well done Jess and Hannah.

Above – Hannah Lewis second from right at podium at Holland Beker Regatta Amsterdam

Afterwards they went cycling in the Swiss Alps  which was a tough and difficult exercise. Hannah happily looks back on this experience as now really paying dividends.

Best race? Recovering on the Barwon when a crew member caught a massive crab which caused the boat to stop and swivel around. They straightened, restarted and then went onto win.

Aspirations? To be the best that I can.

2015 Nationals - enjoying the podium moment

Why rowing? The people, the community, being outside on the water and sun rises.


Andrew Guerin October 2015

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