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australian rowers profiles and history

Caroline Judd

Preston Rowing Club (VIC) and then Y Rowing (VIC)

Caroline Judd was a great administrator of the sport. She reformed the then defunct Preston Club at Edwards Lake in the late sixties, and later served as Secretary to the Victorian Women's Amateur Sports Council. She became Secretary of the V.L.R.A. in 1974 and was elected President in 1976. The continued growth of women's rowing in the seventies owes much - to her flair and far sighted administrative ability.

The YWCA dominated Victorian women's rowing during the 1970s and had a significant influence in raising, rowing standards Australia wide. The continued expansion of women's rowing in Victoria during that decade must be attributed primarily to two women who have become a driving force behind the association's rapid but controlled expansion - Kath Bennett and Caroline Judd both of the YWCA. A strong and resourceful administrative team, their combined efforts have formed the basis for much of the V.L.R.A.'s organisation and progressive approach.

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