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australian rowers profiles and history

Phil L Jones

Mercantile Rowing Club (VIC)

The Club was grieved to learn of the death during the year of Phil Jones who died as the result of a car accident in which his wife was also seriously injured. 

Phil joined the Club in 1970 when his sons were active ooxswain and oarsman. He was not himself a competitive oarsman but enjoyed the occasional paddle on Sunday morning and the social side of Club life. He was a consistent worker about the Club and a regular supporter at most regattas in which the Club was represented. 

In more recent years Phil decided that he should make some return to rowing for the enjoyment which he received from it and joined the V.R.A. Officials Panel. In that capacity he regularly assisted in the conduct of regattas for the benefit of the active competitors. 

Robert R Aitken
August 1984

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