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australian rowers profiles and history

Ron J Jelbart

Ballarat Rowing Club then Melbourne University Boat Club (VIC)

Ron, his brother Peter and his cousins Norman and Lloyd were all the first generation of the Jelbart rowing clan. 

The MUBC history "Well Rowed University" by Judith Buckrich and published in 2009 noted that in the late 1930s, Ron and Peter rowed a pair together, as did Norman and Lloyd. The history then goes onto state that [I]n 1937 the four cousins agreed to row as a four. Rowing for MUBC, they went onto win every four-oared race in which they entered until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. They had the opportunity to represent Australia at the 1938 Empire Games, but unfortunately they were unable to finance the trip. All four were strong minded, close knit and virtually uncoachable, and consequently rowed during most of this period without a coach.

Ron in Victorian colours in 1930

1927 - Henley on Yarra, Junior Eight - First

1928 – Interstate Men’s Eight Championship two seat – Fourth

1930 – Interstate Men’s Sculling Championship – Fourth

1937-39 - Won all major four oared races in Victoria

1938 - Empire Games - selected but his crew were unable to finance their trip

1959 - Victorian men's Eight Championship, coach - Second

1960 – Olympic Games – unofficial coach of Coxless Four

1962 - World Men's Coxed Four Championship, coach - Fifth

Andrew Guerin
June 2021

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